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We keep you informed about the latest developments in the construction, architecture, interior design, and renovation sectors. We also talk about materials and trends, procedures and requirements to start your project in Girona or the Costa Brava, as well as the necessary processes and steps to make the house of your dreams a reality.

Advisory in the purchase of a plot

Advice on the purchase of a plot for the construction of your home is essential because there are several important points to be taken into account by a competent technician. At FASE Construction Management we know this and that is why we help you throughout this process.

Why is the Costa Brava the ideal place to live or spend your holidays?

Costa Brava is a very desirable place for anyone who loves the sea because living near coves and beaches with pristine waters and a friendly and warm climate...

Do you know all the procedures you need to manage to build your dream home?

Choosing the plot of land, drafting the architectural project and hiring the tradespeople and professionals are, perhaps, the three most complex steps of the process prior to construction. 

Benefits of managing the construction of a home efficiently

We explain here all the advantages of managing the construction process efficiently to avoid the risk of unforeseen snags and to obtain excellent results.

Process to legalize and enable a house to enter to live in it

Once built, your house must be legalized it so that you can access everything you need to enter and live in your new home.